What is in Herman’s Garage

We are all familiar with The Munsters TV show, the cast, and the Munster’s house.  But what really excites car nuts is what was in Herman Munster’s garage around back.  Two of the creepiest and coolest cars ever on TV, the Munster Koach and Grandpa’s Drag-U-La are legendary in TV land.  Both cars were created by another legend, custom car builder George Barris

In 1964 TV executives gave Barris just 21 days to build the Munster Koach.  Barris was no stranger to the film industry, or short deadlines, so he took the job.  The creeped-out hot rod was powered by a 289 Ford motor bored out to 425 cid with a trick Isky cam, Bobby Bar racing headers, and topped off with ten chromed Stromberg carbs.  Three model T bodies were used to make the car, set on a handmade 133” frame with an overall length of 18 feet.   Five hundred man hours were spent to hand form the ornate rolled steel scroll work alone.  All this custom work added up to a monster build cost of $18,000.

The car was a huge hit with audiences, so they called on Barris’s shop again when Grandpa needed a car for an episode of The Munsters entitled “Hot Rod Herman”.  Grandpa’s Drag-U-La was basically a drag car with a real coffin for a body, sporting a bubble top for the driver and a tombstone in front that read :Born 1367, Died?”.  It was power by a tricked out 289 Ford motor with organ pipes used for the exhaust.  Far-out and freaky, these two cars have haunted the memories of car enthusiasts for decades.

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