Book Review: 100 Years of Ford Trucks

100 Years of Ford TrucksFord trucks have been part of the American landscape for a century.  Early on, Model Ts where converted to delivery vehicles and the rear sections of the body could be easily removed and fitted with a variety of aftermarket pickup, flatbed, depot hack or other configuration to make them suitable for commercial use.  But the model T was a light weight car, not a heavy duty truck.   Ford answered the call to produce a dedicated truck line when it launched its one-ton commercial truck chassis, the Model TT, in July of 1917. Ford would go on to become the best selling truck in the world, and the best selling vehicle of any type in the United States with the F-Series. Today Ford sells over 700,000 F-Series trucks, and over 1.5 million trucks of all types just in the U.S. annually.1961 Ford Trucks

Ford Model A DUMP TRUCKPatrick Foster’s new book Ford Tough, 100 Years of Ford Trucks, explores the full, rich history of Ford trucks produced over the past century.  The book is comprehensive in its coverage of different models, including the Model A Roadster pick-up, 81C pick-up, the famous F-1 and F-100 pick-ups, plus the Bronco, Ranchero, Courier, Ranger and even the Econoline.  Seldom-seen images of light and heavy duty commercial vehicles from the Ford archives help bring their history to life. A well written, informative text is complemented by 100 black and white and 200 fabulous color factory photos.  There are no restored examples featured here, only Ford factory photos are presented.  The large, crisp, vintage images are worth the price of the book alone.

Patrick Foster is a respected and well known automotive writer and historian. All his books are excellent, and this one is no exception. The book is hardback, with 208 pages, and 9.25” x 10.97” in size. I highly recommend this book.  It is available at, or anywhere fine books are sold.

Ford F-100 vintage

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